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Webinars for Women Series

July 29: You Have the Job - Now What? 

  • Explore with experienced professionals from the Composites Industry and learn how women can leverage their skills, experiences, connections and know-how to make an impact on the shop floor, in the lab, or in the board room.

  • Register for this informative webinar here

  • Download webinar flyer here.

Trade Shows & Conferences

October 19-21: CAMX 2021 - Dallas, Texas

  • Visit our booth and attend our CAMX Theater Session at 1:30 on Wednesday, October 20.

  • Register for CAMX here.

Speaking Event
A Unique Network


The manufacturing industry has been experiencing an extreme makeover for the past decade. Present day manufacturing is modern, advanced and fast paced, requiring a diverse set of skills and thinking. In today’s workplace, work is all about learning – new processes, new chemistries, new technologies.  The world economy is driven by advanced manufacturing, which places a higher value on education. We will support women in the composites industry by creating a clearinghouse of educational and certification programs that our members recommend or found pivotal to their careers.

Job Board

Job postings from all areas of Composites and Advanced Materials industries will be posted here.  

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