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Our Mission


There is no denying the power of a strong professional network. Women in Composites is creating this powerhouse network – one terrific person at a time.  Networking helps to develop and improve skill sets, stay on top of the latest industry trends, keep a pulse on the job market, meet prospective mentors, partners, and clients, and gain access to the necessary resources to foster career development. 


And that all great leaders have mentors, and also mentor others. The insight needed for success comes from seeing the world through a lens other than your own.  A mentor can guide you through uncharted territory and help you develop the skills and knowledge to branch out and take on new roles. Mentors provide feedback, coaching, encouragement, challenge and support. No one can do it alone, and the most successful people in their careers know this. Women in the Composites Industry will build this network making it available to all its members.  More to come!

women discussion group
A Unique Network


The manufacturing industry has been experiencing an extreme makeover for the past decade. Present day manufacturing is modern, advanced and fast paced, requiring a diverse set of skills and thinking. In today’s workplace, work is all about learning – new processes, new chemistries, new technologies.  The world economy is driven by advanced manufacturing, which places a higher value on education. We will support women in the composites industry by creating a clearinghouse of educational and certification programs that our members recommend or found pivotal to their careers.

Job Board

Job postings from all areas of Composites and Advanced Materials industries will be posted here.  

Upcoming Events

Here you can find access to all the latest industry events with just one click.

Industry News

As a woman working in a dynamic and changing industry, it is important to stay on top of all the happenings in the composites and advanced materials industry.  We will provide a live feed to industry news and announcements allowing our members to stay on top of current affairs in the industry at large.

Membership Information

For more information about membership, click here.

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